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The ALCC is selective with its membership.

Not all applications will be approved. This is to make sure the integrity of the Chamber is of the highest regard. We make sure that all our members possess the great values and respect of Australia and Lebanon.

If you have not applied for membership, please fill out the form below in its entirety.

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What an enjoyment it is to be part of ALCC. At these luncheons we meet up with so many of our direct or indirect builder customers that creates a terrific amount of goodwill. Likewise when I visit building sites I often hear……..” I remember you. I saw you at the ALCC Luncheon …..”
That means such a lot to us and is something that I cherish.

Len Gibbons, Hebel

I have been a member for various associations throughout the years and I’m proud and honoured to be a member here at ALCC. The relationships we build up means much more to us than just the memberships. It also allows us to share ideas and create opportunities with likeminded businesses and individuals. We genuinely assist each other, collaborate and is great for proper qualified referrals. It has been great for self-development and priceless in opening up our networks and connecting people.

Philip Lacavou, Director, Lefand Facility Management and Services

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