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Attend major ALCC events that always attract an attendance of no less than 800 people of the elite business community. With key speakers from both Government and prominent business leaders.

Attend regular seminars that covers Finance, Investment banking, Tax, Export and construction.

Gain more business from the networking that ALCC events offer

Our Members

  • ALCC members gain access to a large network of business leaders and policy makers both local and international.
  • Regular annual events that always attract an attendance between 700 to 800 from the business community.
  • Topical and relevant guest speakers, business seminars and Annual Business Awards.

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The ALCC offers its members the opportunity to meet local and international business leaders as well as key players in the banking and financial circles.

The Chamber’s history has proved to be a major platform for leading business executives to launch their products and services. Some of the benefits include:

  • Business listings in the ALCC Business Directory and Screen Presentations at key events.
  • Mentoring Opportunities with the Chamber Executive Committee in selected specialities.
  • NSW Business Chamber Alliance Membership giving you better entitlements, networks, and support at no extra cost.

If you would like more information on the ALCC please contact us.

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